Monday, September 14, 2009

WI Sheep and Wool Festival

Wow, it seems sometimes that is has been so long since I saw some of my old fiber friends, when in fact it is once a year for some. That seemed like a riddle, Suzy sells sea shells at the seashore.
I used to see them more often, or it seems. As I walked the aisles of the Festival, and it was on Sunday, I could not help but notice one thing in common. Sour pusses!! Being a vendor at shows myself, I realize after three days of heat, flies, and more, that you become exhausted. I also realize that it is MY job to invite people into my booth to see my wares, not to sit, reading a book, head down, knitting and not making the valuable eye contact, or a smile. I also know that most three day shows or even two day shows, that Sunday is the slow day!!! It has been that way from the get go, so Sunday is the day to kick it in gear.
I was hearing groans of how it was a slow show and slow this and I have one thing to say, the booths that were doing great were being social!!!! Smiling for goodness sake invite me to shop with a smile???? It is free. I found myself not even going into booths that the vendor was distracted with their computers, or books. If they don't care about their stuff, I guess neither did I..Now if I walked by and they smiled and looked like they were inviting me I would go in!! So Vendors, don't sit looking disgusted or socially disconnected, get out there and invite people to see what you have, be proud of your stuff. This is your job....right??? If you have the flu, you are exempt from this rule, but I don't think 1/3rd of the vendors had the flu...just my thinking

PS. The vendors that were doing great were vendors that have come to Sheep in the City, I think we have a winning group of vendors!!!!

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