Friday, September 18, 2009

So Busted!!!

I have a confession to make.....I like to sing. I am not good, but I am happy with myself and have cultivated this habit since being a child. I would take my sisters roll on deodorant bottle or Avon Topaz perfume bottle to use as a microphone. I can sing just about anything. Linda Ronstadt and I had a duet quite often, but I never hestitated to do air guitar to Aerosmith or Led Zepplin either. I have many talents, singing is not one of them. I please me....
We used to have a full length mirror on the back of my bedroom door and there I turned into Shirley Temple, "on the good ship lolipop...and so on..." I could tap dance and charm with the best of them and my audience was looking back at me. I would smile and so would they. But when I looked in the mirror, a jeweled tiara and evening gown was what I was wearing, long elbow length evening gloves, the most sought after accessory, my Barbie had them and I wanted them. My hair was fixed in a high bouffant, with a huge bow in it. I was a dreamer...I was a singer/movie star/ actress and Jan of all trades. Well my singing like I said was never too good, so to compensate I sing loud. Now I know a few of you are guilty of this little pleasure, singing in the car. Well I got so busted, my pants (yes my pants dialed someone) called a friend and I was singing loud to "Amy" from Pure Prarie League, loud as usual to myself and Iggy....I am so busted!!!! damn caller ID!!!!

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