Sunday, September 06, 2009

Divorce is eminent

I finally figured out what my laptop and my marriages have in common....frustration!!! You don't know what is wrong and keep trying to fix it.....You think you are doing everything right and it still isn't walk away and go back after some deep breaths and it still is screwed up. You talk nice and try to appease it and to no avail. Then you problem solve, starting with the basics and you go through it all and still end up empty handed!!!! I narrowed it down to the fact that since I got my lap top back from Mac, it is not seeing my wireless (airport) that is a mac today after driving back from Necedah,WI and after a sleepless night, I went to Apple and they seem to have fixed it, for now....or there will be a divorce, just like the rest of them...
I had a great night up at my Brother and SIL cottage, we sat by the fire and enjoyed their new deck and ate burgers and the mosquitos ate me, just me, they just love ME!!!! My bro has two little Shipperkes (Skipperkees), they are about 4 years old and very intolerable of anything, they are socially disfunctional but are darned cute, so they have gotten away with this for four long years. They bark alot and they wake my SIL up two times a night, this to me is unacceptable unless they are puppies or are sick, which they are neither but she has done this and Iggy, my mom and I all got sucked into this ritual last night. It went something like this.
We went to bed about 9ish we, and I say we as humans were all tired, the dogs were apparantly not....
As if on cue the fighting began, Iggy wanted to sleep with my brother and Cheryl and their dogs were not sure about that, so my mom who was sleeping on the pullout couch, was getting all of this trampolene action and no one was in bed with me, for a minute, then Riley came into my bed and Maggie was snarling at Iggy and Iggy was on my brothers head (he is totally in love with Scott) and then there was the trading of places and the barking and finally after what seemed like hours it got quiet.....I tossed and turned and 1:30am, Cheryl has to take her two dogs outside, well Iggy will never pass up a chance to water some grass so he had to go out and the house is up again. This went on two more times at 5:30 I gave up and stayed up, I made coffee and have not slept yet....If I hear one peep out of some certain white Westie tonight he will be coyote bait!!!! My mom was exhausted and has slept three hours when I got her home. It will be one to remember, and it is kind of funny but just one night of it....Iggy does not know that growling and gnashing of teeth is not puppy play, maybe that is why he is all scabbed up???? I am trying to stay awake till at least 9:30.....zzzzzzzzzzz

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