Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Did you ever want to be a Mermaid? Swimming freely and not having to hold your breath....beautiful long hair trailing behind you? I am not a swimmer...I actually am not a water person, maybe that is why I enjoy the freedom of mermaids. Swimming the oceans and finding pearls and gems and talking to the fish. Now this is MY perception, funny how when we perceive a situation or life, we have little or no clue how they really live. In all actuallity, and if a Mermaid were real, she would probably be saying, "Are you kidding me, this salt water makes my hair frizzy?" "When I hold my breath it causes me to bloat?" "Does this seaweed make me look fat?" "I wish I had legs, so I could shave them." LIfe always looks better when someone else is looking at it....I am living a great life, I am doing what lots of people wish they could. I am running my own business and a business I love, I get to play with fiber and meet new people each day. I live above where I work and my life is filled with friends, family and Iggy. I have "enough". I am so fortunate....but, downside is, I own a business, I have bookwork and bills to pay and deadlines to meet. I work at bringing in the newest, yet quality yarns, fibers, and patterns." I have hours to keep, I have to keep everyone interested and new and fresh ideas. Sometimes it gets to be a lot...the bookwork part is especially aweful, but in this peabrain I have ways to do it to make me get it done....If I do 1/2 hour of bookwork, I can play with this really fun fiber for the rest of the day!!!! It works for the reward system is a great thing, even if you are you own boss....I can trick myself. So if you work you get to play!!! and we all know how I love to play!!! Creative process, I envision something, like a Mermaid and then I elaborate on it and put it together in my head and feel it in my hands, the kiss of death for me is putting it to paper....never ever have I designed or drawn out something I want to create. It goes from head to hand. I used to feel like I was missing a step when I found out artists, draw it out, sketch it, big nono for me, it is an creative killer. I can write it down, like a shorthand note to me -spin mermaid- that is enough. So I did....

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