Tuesday, September 08, 2009


When I was a child I believed every adult, especially my parents. When an adult told me something I took it very literally, word for word, like "mom what are we having for supper?" mom " Scalloped potatoes". turning to my brother,"we're having Indian potatoes tonight?" my mom looking at me like I was an alien, said "Indian potatoes?" yeah there scalped!!!
For breakfast I got Great fruit, I didn't know why they called it great, it was sour, but I thought for years it was great fruit! The worst one was Philidelphia, I think I stopped saying Philidelthia, 6 years ago? I never read the word I was saying what I heard. My brother says Kinny garden, which my mom also says. Sliced cooked carrots were Pirate gold dubloons. So you can see I have had a creative mind since very small. I was the pretender, pretend this and that and pretend was what we all did, not having small children around, I wonder if they pretend anymore. When we had teaparties we would pretend to have a teacup and pretend to be drinking something out of it. My Barbie doll house consisted of a step stool on it's side which was the kitchen and a rolled up rug for a couch. Looked good to me!!! I did have a wood horse in the backyard with leather ears and a rope tail with upholstery tack eyes, my dad made him for me. We could get 4 kids on that horse and I traveled the West on it.. I remember I hated the reigns because they were made of rough rope that left slivers. I had cowboy hats and guns and holsters. I could do tricks like Annie Oakly and Zorro combined. I really had a Zorro hat that was straw and had a hidden mask inside that folded down over your eyes. It was black and had bias tape around the edge that I happened to pull a thread and it all came off, so if you got close to the edge it was a little picky. It had a cord that hung down and you could wear the hat on your back and it would choke you. I remember my dad would sit in the red rocker and some cowboy show was coming on, we had lots of them, I would get my holster on and my hat and climb up into his lap with my hat on. He would gently remove my hat that was cutting his face and lay it down my back and tie his bandana hankie around my neck, just like the cowboys had. He would pat everything smooth and together we would watch our black and white TV. There I would be riding a real horse and fighting the bad guys and was safe in the arms of my dad. I miss that safe spot he always had for me, he was gentle and loving and never ever discouraged me from being me. He encouraged me to do whatever I wanted, don't be afraid, stand up for what you believe and be creative!!! He encouraged play, because he himself loved to play!!! He was an inventor and was always building something, I was always right there beside him. I wasn't tall enough to use the bandsaw so he put a metal milk crate down and there I would cut guns out of wood. His words of caution were, "if you touch that saw you will lose a finger!!!" Ok??? I still have all fingers? I thank my dad for the ability to do what I want and be who I am. He never doubted me, or questioned my motives, he supported me 100% and reassured me. I think I made him proud, there are days when I am working on something that I feel him very close to me....I miss him!!!

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Janyce said...

I know he would have been very proud of you!!! What a great gift he gave you. The ability to follow through with your imagination, and I truly do not know anyone better at it than you.