Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Washington Island

I am packing to go to Washington Island for the weekend. I will be leaving tomorrow, early, me and Iggy. My plan is to go and Spin, spin spin....create!!!! Kim is watching the shop, so stop in and bother her. Not sure how I did this, but I met a woman "Shampoohorns" from Ravelry that lives there. My nephew through my first marriage and not really blood, owns a Hotel and home on the Island, he has been there for years and I have never got up to see him. So my mission to visit with him and now Heidi!!! There is a coffee shop that all the locals go to almost everyday!!!! It's called the Red cup, and there are knitting groups that meet tomorrow morning, but they are also going to meet Friday if they can. Take two people, give them something in common (knitting/spinning) and you open up the World to new friends!!!! Give them a site like Ravelry and you have hundreds of chances to meet new people...kindred spirits!!! Our World is getting smaller and smaller.
Now, I always say we live what we perceive, this is my perception of and Island, any island....there is a ferry that runs to Washington Island all day and the cost right now is $50 round trip. My thinking is, Mondays, my days to go grocery shopping, well for the trip to the mainland...I better get everything I need, because if you forget the milk, that milk will cost you $100. So you need a list...Ok list made, oh and I need some nails from Menards and aspirin from Walgreens, so this is going to be one big trip...I am going to spend the whole day on the mainland... FACT...they have grocery stores , hardware and drugstores on the a matter of fact there are people that have not left the island for years. WOW I say!!!! That is so cool, who knew. Last time I was there I didn't look for that stuff, I was picking rocks, which I was sure when I got on the ferry with my car that it would sink from all of the rocks I picked. That was the time I was going to bike around the island....yeah...that never happened either. I have always wanted to go to Sievers for something but never could afford it.....and I really don't want to make Willow furniture,(that's the class on this weekend) not that it isn't pretty but come on how much tonage can those little willow sticks hold, not to mention they look like good whippin sticks to me....!!! I will keep my arse far from those thank you very much. I am bringing my camera of course and hope to get some really good shots of everyone and everything!!!! I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight...

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