Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have a problem with this?

Before you read this little rant, on further discussion with a family member I was told the In God we trust is along the edge of the coin, so if you have a magnifying glass, you can see it ...seriously...slowly but surely it will be eliminated and we won't even notice it gone. I wrote this before I knew.
I got a new gold coin dollar from a customer yesterday. I heard rumor that they were taking "In God we trust" off of it. Now I did not do the statistics, but, I am thinking this Country which was founded on religious freedom, has more Christian people, and by that I mean people that believe in God in some form or other. It is a personal thing I think but most people you talk to are aware of God and believe in HIm to some fashion. I also know there are atheist and non-believers..but, they are minimal and at a small ratio to Christians. So how can in a group of say 100 Christians,to 5 atheist, get words, that have been on our money since the beginning of money, changed???? Where do we fit into this picture. Is this what is important to those non believers? Is this a priority changing money and putting our tax dollars into a new gold coin that I do hope goes by the wayside like the Susan Anthony coin??? There are people out there hungry, in our Country, no jobs, no insurance and we are making NEW coins without God on this a big achievment for "these people" and by the way who are these people? Who made this decision? Why didn't I get to vote on this? I use money...Is there a room somewhere that Christians vs. Non Christians get together and fight over where God can be or not be? I do believe in God, in the same token if you don't , I don't care, it is your belief, if you ask me about God and my personal relationship with Him, I would tell you, if you don't ask I won't wad God up into a ball and shove Him down your throat. It goes that way for anything in life, it is not for me to force anyone, (unless it is spinning/knitting) to do anything they don't want to. It is a free Country but based off of Religious Freedom for us all, so if you don't have Religion...and you don't believe in God, then what's the big deal??? It's just a word to you, get over it!!!!! Besides there is no space in a cash register for your stupid gold dollar, which is the size of a quarter, for God's sake go feed someone that is hungry, help someone paint there house, lift someone up when they have fallen and shove this new dollar where the sun don't shine.
Can't we all just get along????

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