Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Holy Cow

There are days when I wonder why I turn on the news!!!! Now that Senater, Joe Willso, is being called a racist, by calling Obama a Liar? Now how is that being racist?? I have called people liars, they were white females, does that make me racist. Even Jimmy Carter the president God said it was a racist remark? Did I miss the lead in? Did they bleep out the words before Liar? Why because he has not been able to accomplish anything he has set out to according to his campaign ain't that easy, is it?? On the other hand it was out of line, no doubt, but we can do that now, we have Kayne West stealing the show from an innocent Tayler Swift, is she saying it was racist??? He thought another Black performer deserved the award.....And hats off to Beyonce for being such a lady and trying to make it better for Taylor...When will this stop, when can we coexist in harmony....we never will if no one knows the rules??? I am Native American, not totally, but my mother used to tell us it was shameful and not to say it to anyone, it was nothing to be proud of?????" What? Are you kidding, I'm Indian and you think as a kid that wasn't the trump card? I wanted to wear cowboy hats, but I was the Indian with a gun, my theory was "I stole it from a Cowboy" Growing up we heard racist terms but didn't know where they came from. My parents weren't "racist" although they did use the word Liar on occasion and they certainly used it on me...."are you lying?" "did you lie?" You wouldn't lie about that would you?" I never thought of that as being racist, but then again, maybe I can't read peoples inside thoughts like, "you dirty filthy, little, white girl are you are lying to us?" maybe that would have changed things. Maybe it is a good thing that I can't read minds. I know racism exists don't get me wrong, I know sexism exist, I know agism exists, we need to get beyond these things. We are all on this Earth for the same reason, why is is such a hard thing? Why do we always have to look for trouble in a statement? Some deeper dark meaning. No wonder no one wants to initiate a conversation... I remember in one of those, "Diversity training classes" we were told we really should not ask someone, "how was your night?" It is none of your business, you are trying to delve into their personal life.....all I can say is "Holy Cow???" Come on people, what are the rules?

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