Saturday, September 19, 2009

My babies Birthday!!!

Tomorrow is my baby Iggy's birthday. He will be one year old, I have had him since he was 8 weeks and he has been in the shop from that day forward. In his first year of life he chewed the special cable to my laptop $80.00, he destroyed a few skeins of yarn, $30ish, not too bad. He chewed my sons footstool from woodshop class in high school and he loves to steal your shoes. But he is priceless to me. Iggy and I want to thank all of you that have visited the shop and I had to run out for a potty stop with a puppy. Thanks for bearing with me when he pooped and cleared out the shop, when he had such bad gas during a class and bookclub, and how we all worked to potty train him and everyone helped to clean it up. He is so many friends/customers, adopted puppy, he gets hugs and rocking and he has loved every minute of it. Of course now he is harder to get him to sit in your lap, unless of course the table has food on it. He is getting better at listening, well he is a boy???? He has loved all of the toys you have brought for him and the snacks and pupperoni and bones. He has two girlfriends that he will follow anywhere, Thank you Chrissy and Hanna for all of the walks/runs/drags. He has his babysitter Suzy, whom he thinks he should go home with everytime she stops over. Today he got lots of cool doggy gifts and even got one in the mail!!! He is wearing his pirate kerchief and is passed out on the couch, snoring like an old man. Happy Birthday Iggy, you make me smile when we go for walks and your little butt wiggles with happiness. You finally can sleep with me and I love how you cuddle next to me in this cooler weather and I get good night kisses. You fill my life with enjoyment and you are too cute!!!! So tomorrow we will celebrate, it's the best excuse for a family get together don't you think!!!!!

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