Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Monday

Oh what a Monday, it is such a stereo type Monday it is funny!!! It kind of began on Sunday. I had to take my mom to the Dr at 7:30am....? I thought it was kind of early but I remember thinking if we go early it will be over early, so jokes on me. I get up at 5:45, to get cleaned up and bring Iggy to daycare, call my mom to make sure she is up and of course she hasn't slept because she is so excited to go to the Dr. I get her ready by phone, drop Iggy off, suck down a cup of coffee, get gas, pick up my mom who is worried sick I won't find the right door to pick her up (they are doing remodeling at her complex) So she is walking down this long hall and I see her coming and it's pretty early so I flip a moon at her, now we are both laughing and tired. I get her in the car and off we go, we get to valet parking and I get a wheelchair because the dude is not in a hurry to help us with "Valet Parking". I go to the wrong floor, this is something we go to every 6 months, I know where to go, but not today, so we go to where we are supposed to go and I park mom and go to the desk and the woman is looking a tad bewildered...uhhhh you appt isn't till 9:30am. Seriously??? Yeah as a heart attack, but I will try to get you in as soon as the Dr gets in, but not too sure what I can do. So out comes the....bag of excuses and martyr crown..."Oh no, I sure wish you can get us in sooner, do you know how hard it is to get an 86 year old that can hardly walk up and out at 7am and she hasn't eaten and we drove very far and I feel so bad this is my fault....I could see she wanted to hand me a sign "Too bad stupid" So we went to the Deli for breakfast, I ordered a crepe and mom had a omelet croissant, and two coffees, mom bought and she thought she would get change from a 10??? Sticker shock. So we waited a while, I knit she ate slowly, the coffee was so strong neither of us could drink it. We were laughing at how dumb I was and I have no idea how I got 7 out of 9? It could have been worse. She got in to the Dr about 8 something so that was good and the good news is her breast cancer is gone for 5 years now!!! This was the last of the 6 month mammos. So off we went to begin another adventure at the valet parking, I give him my ticket, he gives me keys and says your car is right over there!!!! I guess I did a double take, thinking this IS valet parking, and I tipped him earlier , shame on me. So it's nice out I get the wheelchair with mom and start pushing her to the island in the middle and ram the feet into the concrete!!! Whew mom did you get whip lash??? I get to the car by dodging speed racers and damn these aren't my keys????? Back to dudly I go and get the right keys, get mom in the car and now we are both just laughing hysterically, could this day get any better?? Oh yeah....I take her home and go home throw a load of clothes in the washer and decide to go to Alterra to knit and have lunch. A few weeks back my son, DIL and I ate there and we went to the right out of the door, now me being the phobic about cigarette smoke went to the same spot and was sitting in the midst of a cloud of smoke? What the heck...I was in the undesignated smoking area I guess, not to mention this woman sitting next to me doing some paperwork and grunting and moaning like she was in labor???? I had to laugh, I had to move, then the topper, here comes Joe street artist with a saxophone and starts playing two feet from me!!!! I love sax and yes I spelled that right but not two feet from me in a cloud of smoke??? So I packed up my knitting and went home. I am sitting in the comfort of my home and I swear someone is sitting under my windows smoking a carton of cigarettes???? I keep looking to see where it is coming from and I think it's a ghost, some smoker died and is haunting me....So this is my Monday!!!! I took a nap and hope it will be less adventuresome from here on out!!!!


Anonymous said...

Some days it doesn't pay to be off of work:)


Kelly A said...

Wow the adventures of Jan and her Mom....the best part of this chapter is 5 Years cancer free!!!! Congrats to your Mom!!!