Friday, September 18, 2009

Ideas brewing...

Oh my, I have a ton of ideas brewing for spinning. I want to do this and that and some of this and more of that. I spun up some of Kim Leach's Happy Hands dyed cashmere, merino roving. I spun it thread thin, plied it and put it in to soak. I prefer to soak my skeins overnight and when I went to pick it out, it sucked up all the water and was worsted weight poofy!!!!! It is beautiful, I had taken a photo of the Iris above and the colors matched to a T. It was weird too, when I went to attenuate the fiber it really could only be done from one end....I mean it did not want to be spun from the other end just the one end....never had it so strongly visible as with this roving. I am heading to Washington Island next Thursday for some R & R, no I am not going to Seivers, wish I was. I have a nephew that owns a hotel up there and I am taking Iggy, my camera and my wheel. Kicking back and relaxing, is my goal. No shopping, not a shopper, as long as I can get coffee, I will be fine. The shop will be open, so come on in.

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