Tuesday, September 29, 2009


.Wow the weather sure took a turn, for the cool. I personally love cool weather. Not that I can wear sweater because I am a sweater. I am normally hot, not in the "she's hot" catagory but just plain old "open the window I'm hot" group. So this is a relief to me and it should be to those of you in the throngs of menopause. I think the heat makes more heat...
So I am painting, I have got the carpet I want the couch I want and have sucked all the color out of my living area. I have all browny earth tones and now for the color!!! I am in the thinking that Paint is cheap you can paint and cover a multitude of sins. I on the other hand do not like to paint, I love the outcome but only paint because I am too cheap to have someone else do it. I can paint, I can also ruin everything I own because, I am such a good painter I feel I don't have to cover stuff or tape things off and being that I am so proffessional, I don't understand why I haven't been hired. So I went to Sherwin Williams and bought the four color sample jugs of paint, now why I paid for them is beyond me. I think I thought I would do a sample painting on the wall to see if I like it? I never do samples, I do it, feet first jump in and paint, so I painted one wall with the sample paint, which I was informed is cheap paint and doesn't cover well....oh really .....I painted and they were right, damn them.. So I have this one wall that is two stories tall, the dreaded stairwell....I also need to paint the ceiling which requires covering stuff, or not. I also picked a red that will need a primer in grey and two coats and the tall two story wall is over the stairwell and no way will I do a balancing act on a ladder for that one. Maybe I don't need to paint afer all?? Maybe the squished bug carcass on the ceiling will dry and fall off. I actually thought my walls were clean till I started painting with the cheap paint and then you can see the smudges and dirt??? So I call a painter, a professional guy that I want to come and paint yesterday. Make note, people are all painting this time of year...So in comes the painter with his all white clothes, what is that all about?? why white, I would be multicolored because I am messy. He has his piece of paper and is looking around and asks me twice about the color and the ceiling and he looks around and he writes a little and then he does his preparing for slapping me in the head with the price....and I say give it to me straight, and he does and I gulp quietly i thought and then he says well that wall will require three coats, that one will require a tightrope act and the ceiling is probably going to take two coats to look nice and even and that wall over there,(the newly painted with crap paint wall) do you need that one painted, because I have a painters eye and it really needs to be evened out....I confess, I painted it and I used the sample...he chuckles a little and now it's confirmed he is dealing with an idiot. So all in all and after I think about it, the price seems high but it needs to be done, it is not just one color, it is four colors and the ceiling and the icky tall wall. So if you see me eating Ramen noodles for the next month you will understand why. and painting stinks...!!

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Annie said...

I love painting for the reasons you do: cheap and instant lift.
I hate it because it is such a pain in the butt! but I looooove color! And honestly, I think color sometimes works even better in smaller houses. But I'm sitting in my aqua living room next to my pink dining room and applemint kitchen right now!!

The worst painting ever was painting my mother's living room. She picked a really purpley taupe and wanted a paint effect. It's a HUGE room., like 40x20 (and awkward with that shape!)and I kept telling her, "you need to go more neutral, you won't like it. I think you should do one wall in the paint effect and then pick a neutral for the other walls. that purple is going to bounce off the other walls and you won't like it...." But no, she wanted that color, what did I know? She is an artist! It was from hell, like the color of Alpo from the 80s, not quite brown, not quite red, not quite purple....not right.

I will never heard the end of the time I painted her house purple and how much it cost them to fix it by having someone paint it a NEUTRAL color.