Monday, September 28, 2009

I am back!!!

Jan has left the island!!!! But not for good, I have to go back, it was so much fun...why? First off, Kim from Happy Hands met me at Green Bay, she was on her way up to visit her parents and I talked her into coming with me...that is pretty darn spontaneous. We stayed at my Nephew Ricks at Cedar Point Inn, OMG, it is so nice and you can walk from the Ferry. I don't want to tell anyone about it because I want to stay there forever. So we get up there and have contacted a "Shampoohorns" from Ravelry previously and she said we should meet at Red Cup Coffee in town, 8am. Not a problem, I am up early until of course I have to get up. Needless to say, we and more like Kim didn't sleep well because some unnamed white dog slept with her, followed her, was under her feet, wouldn't let her out of his sight....what a little man whore. I'm Ok to sleep with till there is another chick in the room??? So we got up and met the whole island at the coffee shop. Let me say it was very interesting...we walked in and it was like walking into Mayville, with everyone just sitting around having their cup of "Joe" talking of their plans for the day, or politics or whatever they want to discuss, there are tables with people sitting and playing games. It was warm and I wanted to live there. We met Heidi and she introduced us to all of the Knitters/Spinners and town people, she gave me a wonderful embroidered tote with my shop logo on it...Thank you Heidi. I brought her roving from the mainland, we are now friends.
On the way up we stopped at Spin a new yarn shop in Sturgeon Bay, it was so nice and guess what I looked into a room and it was a vault...this yarn shop rocks, it locks the yarn up, in a vault!!! It had at sometime in it's history obviously been a bank. The owner was so nice and friendly and you have to stop if you go by!!!! We tried twice to stop at Apple Hollow but they were not open either time? Then we stopped at Red Sock in Fish Creek, another open airly wonderful shop, it was quiet when we stopped but it was also almost closing time. Both of these shops were friendly and beautiful, they had lots of nice yarns and fun things to look at. I got to spin lots!!!! I spun with beginners, that are doing so much better than I ever did when I first started. We visited a farm with sheep and horses and ducks. Iggy got to run with his cousin Coally a huge Siberian Husky that Iggy fell in love with and followed him all around and played, can a dog really become his Master??? Play Play what was supposed to be a night up on the Island for Kim became a weekend, we had a great time.
Mellissa Etheredge is on GMA, is it me or is she looking more and more like David Crosby????

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