Monday, September 07, 2009

Chasing Chippy's

What a wonderful day it has been, I got a skein of Art Yarn done that has been bouncing around in my brain for some time now and I am completely smitten with it. Mermaid is the name and it has wonderful colors and silks and shells and netting. We are on a new discovery, chippies, Iggy has discovered a zillion chippies in the Village here!! They have also discovered him, and are teasing him and even calling him...chirp chirp chirp....Remember when I said some bird was on the deck one night really late and making lots of noise? Well I found out what it was. Today I was in the house and I heard it, loud and it was right outside my door? It was a squirrel, I have never heard this sound out of squirrel, it was a cawing sound, and I watched it as it was making this sound about 4 feet away from me. I have no idea what it was intending to do but drive me crazy. Hope you all enjoyed your Holiday weekend I sure did.

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Anonymous said...

When I had that squirrel stuck in my water heater exahust pipe, I thought it was a bird.
it was squawking just like a bird. They really do sound like birds! Angry, angry birds.

I seriously about cacked myself when I got the pipe free and roated it and nothing flew out. So I had to look in and instead of a bird I saw beady little squirrel eyes. I just stood there in my basement sceaming and he screamed too.

On the bright side,if he gets in your house, I so now how to get him out.