Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Partie deux

I forgot to tell you something. A few years ago, my eye caught something purple and shiny and that my friends was the end of it....a shiny pair of Signature needles.....then the best part.."stilletto" tips..oh yeah, the closest I will get to stillettos these days are these needles. So I forked over my weekly allowance and in my possesion was a short pair of purple stilletto tipped size 7 needles.....Well I never have used them....I know, but possesion is 9/10ths of the law and I had mine. I decided that I was going to make a silk wool, hand dyed by Happy Hands yarn cowl, entrelac, yeah, so I also know I have just the short needles I need for this....where did I put them, what place of honor are they at??? Oh here they are in the pencil cup with all my dbpts. Did I mention I like to do entrelac on straight needles, it's the prop and pick thing. I cast on and man these points are delicious, then as these beautiful needles with the golf tee end are knitting back and forth, I get a flash nightmare of childhood!!!! They are so slippery and heavy they are hard to keep in check. I imagine the horror when I was small and using 20 foot aluminum needles that would slip out leaving my stitches hanging in mid air.....same problem only with these short pretty needles???? I think I am getting carpal tunnel knitting with them and they are small, what is the weight on these babies??? and how much do the long ones weight???? So being that I am persistant and am determined to use these expensive boat anchors....I will have forearm muscles the size of my thighs by the time I get done. Then I imagine they will go back into the pencil cup by the couch.....for a few more years. This is just my opinion, these needles and I have a lot in common, cute but heavy!!!!

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