Thursday, October 01, 2009

Parakeet Green

I really love the green I painted in the kitchen area....I am sure the painter is really going to appreciate the green on the ceiling also. The sucker that I am I bought this "kit" that can paint where you does trim, corners and washes itself after it's done....not really but it does paint Ok does not do corners, it basically gives you false hope. It also can leave little schpubas on the ceiling. Which I will graciously leave for the pro painter that is supposed to come on Monday. I have avoided ruining any clothing at this point. Painting for me goes like this, I survey the situation...I take off the outlet/switch paints on one wall, I remove all the stuff in the way on one wall. I paint one wall, or area, I replace everything on one wall and move on. I have done this dance since I can remember. I do not prep the whole room, first of all where the heck do you put everything???? I never had room and I am phobic about bare walls. I may not get something back where it was before...Ok I am a freak. But it works for me. So yesterday I did nothing but rewrite a FREE pattern from a yarn company. It was written for European knitters and not easy to translate so I did that for a stupid pair of slippers. I am going to attempt to do the Fall decorating today for the shop....I love Fall. I love this weather and I know alot of people hate to see Winter coming but it is OK too. I don't like the freezing cold but snow is fine, it is very pretty. I look at it in a Native American way, Winter is the time when things go to sleep, only to come awake again in Spring....and who doesn't love to sleep in Winter....well I am done watching my paint dry it's time for another coat, or not.

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