Friday, October 16, 2009


I am thinking that the bank has taken care of my account that was hacked into. The bogus withdrawels have been taken off and all of my checks cleared without incident. So now, I have to get a new Debit card and find out where all of my numbers are voided out, like QVC, Paypal and so much don't realize where they all are. Meanwhile some idiot hacker is enjoying the fruits of his spoil. Or maybe not, but I am sure they are not catching these creeps at the rate they are abusing victims. I am working on doing a weaving, well actually two are on the mind, first for the big loom is a color gamp, which is a color spectrum of woven squares, I am so in love of color spectrums and then a tapestry weaving with my Art now I am bouncing off different aspects of both....I need to draw a cartoon for the tapestry weaving and that is on my agenda for today!!!!

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