Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well I check my bank statement on line frequently, and all I can say is it's a good thing. This morning I woke up to $20.00 worth of charges to Expedia and Skype??? hhhhmmm so I call the 800 number on the transaction and I get of course some woman that I can hardly understand, that keeps me on hold and keeps yelling something like hoedon....she repeats this about 4 times and I finally ask her what she is saying...hod on ms massie....oh Hold on???? She can't find my account, of course she can't I never remember what email I use either. So while I am speaking to her my cell rings and they leave a message, I am being scammed. I call them and do all the numbers they tell me and then they mention "We have a $3,879.00 charge on your account from the UK, is this a transaction made by you????? I am rolling on the floor laughing, that would be a no???? But maam, if they can get that out of my account, can I??? So now I am in the process of voiding those purchases, which the idiots must have bought a ticket to somewhere? So I finally get a representative and she tells me that the computer is in the process of updating it's information as we speak and could I calll back in a half hour...."they should get a better computer system" So now I am waiting to clear my account. Well never mind they already did for that matter. Can things ever just go along honestly?? Could those people spend more time getting a real job vs. scamming people, is it really worth it to worry all the time that you will get caught??? I guess I want a simpler life than that.

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