Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Painting is done

The painting is done, it is you hear a but coming? Well the but is I am going to do some serious throwing out. There are things we hang on to because they are from a loved one that is no longer around. I have birds that my dad carved for me. I have a decrative tile from my deceased boyfriend, the love of my life. I cherish these things but need to find a way to make it all work. I refuse to put stuff away, if I put it away it may as well be buried and gone. I will never take it out again. I am one of those people that likes to put stuff I love right where I can see it and enjoy looking at it. I am more cautious with purchases of late, I ask myself if I really want it or is it something I can live without, or will it end up in GoodWill in a year??? I think this train of thinking has something to do with getting older. I think we realize just how much crap we have accumulated and what we will be leaving behind for some family member to sift through. For me it is my son, for some reason I just can't see him dragging home boxes of desired items from my's actually kind of funny to even entertain the thought. When he was young we would go antique shopping, I love old stuff, he was very patient and helped me lug stuff in and out of the house. Nothing I had was of any real value, but one time I went to a Logenberger basket party and felt guilted into buying an extremely overpriced little basket that could only hold my car keys, by the time I got the liner and plastic insert and the bill, it was the most valuable thing in my home. I made a point of telling my son, if I die, this is an expensive basket don't let it go for pennies....seriously this was your college tuition. I think I am lessoning my load, slow but sure, those appliances that you just had to have, that have been in the back of the cupboaud since I move in....they are going!!! I have a stupid punch bowl, when was the last time you used a punch bowl and it's cutglass, some cheapo one not from a crystal party, remember them, or copper parties? Yep it's time to clean, then I look around and say, well I love this and I really like this and screw it, I'm keeping this stuff. When I die, I won't have to worry about it will I ??? I know I won't be taking it with to my son..I am sorry for leaving you with too much crap, way too much yarn, too many looms. I love my stuff!!!

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