Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Rumors even with the best intention can be very damaging. Rumors start when someone thinks they have translated a comment made and then turns it into something else. Every business in this area is hurting, you can hear it on the news. Big business's are hurting and they are laying off people, cutting every corner they can. If big business is hurting so are the small ones, we are all struggling to survive. I believe the East and West coast got hit by the recession first and now we in the Midwest are feeling the effects, this is just my theory. I have been told by a realtor, that we have not hit the second wave of foreclosures, the first wave was people that had loans that should not have gotten them, bad money, but now it will be people that have lost their jobs. That is a pretty dim outlook. When I first set out to start this business, it was supposed to be a working studio. I was going to have my looms on the floor and finished items for sale and if I was open you could come in and watch me work/play. Then I thought if I am open, why not open and sell stuff? So my original plan was to have a weaving, spinning studio. I have veered from my original plan and have enjoyed every minute of it, for the most part. Yes I have complained of the people coming in with bags of dead gramas yarn asking me to wind it or weigh it and tell them what they can make with it. The people that are proud that they got a good deal online but think they are flattering me when they need help with a project??? I have never worked with the public before, I spent time under a welding hood or pretty much working alone, so this is all new to me. I have tried to be pleasant in adversity, I have tried to have a positive attitude through it all. The fact that business is slow is causing me to make a different business decision, the big business's do it, and I am in business to make money, we all are. It is not a personal decision, or intended to hurt anyone, it is a matter of something needs to change so I don't lose money. I made a comment that "IF" business does not pick up by January, that is two months away and according to my books this should be a great month, IF it doesn't pick up I am taking the table out of the back and bringing my loom up into the shop. I AM NOT CLOSING? I am bringing a loom up into the shop, hear that, just bringing my loom into the shop???? Somehow that got translated into I am closing. I am taking the table out of the back, it is not productive, my loom is. I am working on how to handle open knitting, but we don't need a table for that, do we??? If rumors like that persist I may end up closing, that kind of statement can be very damaging and I don't HAVE to do this, I am retired and when things aren't fun anymore I may pull in the shingle. I am closed two days now and that was a personal decision, I need two days off to enjoy life away from the shop. I am staying closed for the two days, to keep enjoying my life. I am feeling my creativity coming back, my ability to create the art that I love so much is starting to make a come back and I am going to take advantage of it. So for those of you either worried or caddy, "I AM NOT CLOSING" well at 4:00 I am that is a given. By the way for those of you that are supporter of the shop, thank you, these are tough times and we will get through this, I know who you are and I appreciate it. I hope I have set things straight.


Janyce said...

I am a supporter in spirit right now, and I know you will be a huge success in whatever you choose. If I had to name the number one person that I know with talent, charisma and drive to get the job done it would be you.

Stephanie said...

I also support you in spirit. I have enjoyed your teaching style and am grateful for the skills you have given to me. I know that you will do well!