Thursday, October 08, 2009


I know many or two of you readers are sighing...snow. It is inevitable in Wisconsin, and it is coming. I love snow, it makes me physically and mentally feel good. I feel clean and like my soul is washed. I love walking in the snow and putting my face up and letting the snow lite on my face and tongue. I remember licking icicles and my mom saying that I shouldn't do that it is full of contaminates in the air...that was how long ago can you just imagine how nasty it would be now...but I still can't resist licking an icicle now and then. The forcast is saying flurries and I am a bit excited, there is something special about the first snow flakes tumbling to earth. I am not ready for a snowfall but it is a show of things to come. I ordered new boots and they are back ordered till November....I think I am safe till then, but I could be wrong. I wish I could make snow angels, problem is I could make them but I would need a crane to lift me out of the snow once I was done. The agility is not there to do the manuevers required to leave the silloutte without a scar. Last time I made a snow angel was at Miller, I was working second shift and my partner was called Monster, he was a big guy, we had a call in an out building and it was snowing to beat the band, I was thrilled and found some untouched snow to fall back into, with his help got pulled out because we were both laughing so hard. I forgot to mention I wore these huge coveralls and it left a wrinkly butt print in the angel....we kept going back and looking at that stupid butt print which was frozen in ice!!! Silly things that make us feel good....make us smile and laugh....that is what make us go keep look for the little things.
As I am cleaning after the paint bath....I have one of those refridgerators that has the pebble finish, so it won't leave fingerprints, and that part works, put how do you clean it?? I had to use a toothbrush to clean the top little pebble finish, but there are no fingerprints!!!

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