Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Swine flu or Paint fumes

Ok, I am feeling like crap, I have a sore throat, I never get sore throats. I am stuffed up and my eyes hurt....this could just be a cold. I have a headache, this is not common but happens, I am tired, this could be the crappy weather??? So do I infect everyone else or is it the fact that all the air in my house reeks of latex paint and I am suffering from that? As soon as the painter leaves I am contemplating closing and going to bed!!! Then again it may be more toxic up there???? He is almost done and then I will have everything open and dive under the covers of a nice warm bed....I think it is just fumes??? Oh and then there is the throat tickle???? cough cough!!! Maybe it is just a seasonal cold.....lots of maybes here!!! LOL

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