Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Face Book

The photo is a skein of Art yarn that I have made into a moebius ring, it is a special order and it looks stunning if I must say so myself.
On Facebook there is a post that states "Shit my dad says" it is a 28 year old guy that lives with his parents? he just posts stuff that his dad says, it is hysterical, pretty raw but you can see an old man saying some of this stuff. I have actually considered this with my mom. Daughters and mothers relationships can be so strained. I think it may be worse for the older generations like me and my mother. Our mothers never talked to us, they were not open about personal girl things, it was very secret. It was also laced with myths and old wives tales. I think mothers are more open now and willing to talk to their teens, keeping the door open for more conversation. My mom and I have a bittersweet relationship, it goes good and then she makes some nasty comment, but she has actually gotten better. I think she has forgotten or forgets to be nasty to me. It could be that I am learning her techniques...I don't let her, get to me. She was not a coddeling mother, the come here honey after you fell, it was more get up and go play?? What? I just put my teeth through my lip..?? Just pull them off and it will heal before you get married!!! Yeah not the loving touch. It is hard to be sympathetic with her now...I didn't have a good teacher. The thing with my mom is she is a fox, she is very much like her mother, I have seen her acting at the Dr office and she is academy award winning. So I don't know when she is genuine or not. She is losing the use of her legs, I can not imagine a woman that worked out at a gym for 20 years, until about 4 years ago, what a blast to your ego this must be. We have not neglected her and have had her for every test there is but they have no explanation. She falls all the time, my worry is, she is going to hit her head and cause a stroke, the Dr says make her wear a helmut....seriously. We as in my brother, sister in law and I are at a crossroad. What do we do now, her mind is still good, she is of course slipping and repeats herself, just like the rest of us and OMG spend one hour where she lives and they ALL tell the same thing within 10 minutes!!!! It would make anybody crazy. She is losing all of her old friends, the ones she knew and called and had coffee with, this too must be hard. It has to be a two edged sword, either you die first or watch everyone else die? So we went to dinner last night, she loves Iggy so he come in the car and sits quietly on her lap and she knows right where to pet him. She doesn't eat much at home so a good meal is a treat for her, she never was a good cook, now she can't stand long enough to cook. I guess we just go day by day, my mom never found too much joy in things, so I don't know what I expect from her now or why? I try to get her to do knitting or something but she doesn't want to, she likes to read and sit in her chair. I guess it is safe for her. We all like to be safe.

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Janyce said...

Unfortunately, we are all at the age where we are facing these problems, and will soon be giving them to our children. There is no correct answer with what to do. Just do your best, and don't beat yourself up over it.