Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eatting Breakfast

I love to go out for breakfast, I really like to go out for all meals but we won't get into that. The best breakfast is at those Albanian/Greek, 20 # of food for a couple bucks, unless of course it is a weekend and you can get the "Hot Mess" at Cafe Hollander... well because I eat alone alot, I am always interested in how they seat me...this morning was the real slap...I walk in and the hostess, that barely can speak English other than "Es everting OK? " pipes in with "Are yu al elone?" uh no the whole damn Circus parade is behind me toots.....what is that? Are you all alone? No I'll be dining with my alter egos and my pscyopath Imaginary friends and I'd like a table for 6 please. Another one is JUST one? I think I deserve more than a JUST!!! Last time I remember going into a restraunt and waiting to be seated with a group saying ....table for four, or two or something, I didn't just stand there alone thinking that? I walked in and mentions that I was with more people, so when I say one/no smoking, that should be enough. Or at least give someone that is alone, a smile and "Booth or Table for one? that would be nice, not JUSt or time you go for a meal by yourself and I am sure it is happening more and more, listen to how they address you, maybe it's just me that hears that...or maybe it's the loud speaker with feedback saying "WE HAVE A DORK THAT HAS NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY AND EATS ALONE ENTERING THE DINING AREA" Guess what it won't stop me.....not in this lifetime.

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Janyce said...

I have to laugh because, our mutual friend Betty, takes one of her clients to McDonald' every week as part of her follow up. It seems the person also brings an assortment of friends and family along and freely talks and argues with them. So, just go with the party of six and have a good visit. Next time they will not ask how many are in your party. They will just seat you in the darkest corner.