Sunday, October 11, 2009


Truth be told, the painting is done but the work is not.....When you change one thing, it changes everything. I am slowing putting things back together, and cleaning as I go. Tomorrow is going to be cleaning day, no running around just cleaning. The floor needs scrubbing and vacumming and the dusting is done. I have wash to do for some reason, the last basket of wash didn't make it upstairs to be put away. I am slacking, I think part of it is the lack of the ability to crinkle my nose and everything is done and looks beautiful, Changing things takes money and time....I do have the time, it is limited, but the major job is done. Now the accents takes money. I never thought of myself as being high maintenance but it seems everytime I click on something I like it is wayyyyy too much money. So when I take a load of stuff to Goodwill, I think I will do some shopping too.
I am so in the mood to spin, spinning is such a soothing process, and tomorrow night is my designated night to spin. I have some new fiber that needs to be yarn. My work should all be done and then let the games begin. After all , all work and no play makes Janny quit!!!!

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