Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Big Game is Over

Well it's finally been confronted and now it's over. Brett played the Packers and won. I really wanted GB to win but Rodgers had no protection. When you think about it Rodgers is a rookie compared to Favre and while Favre was playing for the Packers, never got play time. I think he did good and would have done better had he the protection needed. It was a good game and I never said Brett wasn't a great quarterback, it just comes with too much whining and drama. The Vikqueens will get theirs, Brett used them to break a record for himself, he is doing what he needs to win....good for him. I just wish we would have beat them.
I am going to die from paint fumes, it stinks here so bad. The painter is coming back today to finish the death wall. Not sure what I am going to do with the windows, I don't like curtains, I have blinds, and they will do till I figure out what I want. I may not put anything up, there are no rules.
There will be alot of sad faces out there today :(

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