Saturday, October 03, 2009

Nature Girl

Don't you love when you find a product you really love and it really works for you and they take it off the market, or change the formula?? It happens so often that it forces people to buy endless amounts and to look like a hoarder just to avoid the inevitable recall or discontinued thing. So my problem is deoderant, I have used secret solid stick for as many years as I can remember. When I was a kid we had to use what was there and Right Guard was what dad used and so we ALL used it. My dad had problems with deoderant too, he would get what feels like a golf ball lump in your armpit....of course he passed that gene off to me...thanks Dad!!!! Anyways I at the store looking for my deoderant, plain old Secret, no PH balanced although I tried it and it didn't work, I got lumps...just the white stick that leaves stripes on your clothes, I love it...I found one, this is a bad sign. So now I go to Walgreens they have zero...panic is setting in. Ok, I have an idea I will go to Outpost and get a stone, I used to use the stone ...all natural, I don't know other than conveniance why I quit? But instead, I found some rosemary mint spray natural I go pleased as plum. So I take my bath and spray on this new natural deoderant, and do the chicken dance, my arms were flapping like someone threw ice water on them.....whew whew seemed like forever I was flapping around. It smelled real good like a rosemary plant was shoved under my arm. Day 1-hhhmmm it seems to be working Ok...Day 2-a fresh new coat of spray and not quite as much flapping, again it seemed to be Ok, I go to sleep and wake up with a funk under my arms that is enough to make me puke....what the hell??? So I wash my pits with soap and water and the funk is embedded into my armpits....I use a brillo pad and can't rid the smell in my nose, it was like skunk. All my life I have never had a funk this bad, never??? Did the deoderant let loose with some stink in the night??? I had to wash my bedding my nightie, it was was staying. Once I get a smell like that I can't get rid of I learned my lesson...back to my Secret, if only for a little while....sigh

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Janyce said...

Secret is back!! I think everyone in the world complained. A unscented PH balanced is now on the shelf.