Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where did it go??

Yesterday I went for a ride, the Igster, friend and intent was to take some photos.   When I intend to do something for some reason it never turns out that way.  I guess my final destination would be Port Washington, Smith Brothers restaurant, a landmark.  We get there the sign is there and we park, walk up and it is a coffee shop?  Is there an entrance to the restaurant here?  No that has been closed...what? we were a little in shock.  Port was known for it's restaurant, not that it had great food but you felt like it was fresh from the lake, perch and gills that were just taken from a freezer pack, caught and cleaned and put in front of you.  It was an integral part of Port Washington, so in search for another place to eat, we found a somewhat interesting looking place but it turned out to be, a multi ethnic place which makes me think "family" restaurant.  It was Ok, not what I was looking for.  If you have been to Port Washington it is a quaint little town, lots of closed business's just like the rest of America.  No more Smith Brothers, Ewig brothers is still there and they have the best smoked fish around.  I just looked on the net to find their name and found Newport shores just north of the harbor...go figure we missed that one.  I see another road trip coming.  No photos were taken?

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