Friday, August 13, 2010

Mother Earth

Finally finished!!! 8 days from casting on to blocking. I did have to rip the collar off, because due to my math adversion didn't count how many stitches I picked up on one side and the other so one side had 72 stitches picked up and the other side had mmmm 50?  For some reason it hung kind of funny but it was Ok if I leaned to one side and hunched forward and held my hand on the edge....that's all.  This is Happy Hands new colorway Mother Earth, in chunky wool and she dyed matching roving so I could felt a pocket, I have to have a pocket.  This sweater will be going on tour...and then it is mine...I just hope that it stays cold for a long time, this is my go to sweater.  If you have been wanting to try a sweater and never had the guts, this is an easy knit...seriously it is top down, has great directions and fits beautifully.  The pattern is Iced from it has very large size, the changes I made are no decreases on the body because I am so shapely so it may take more yarn and then I did an I chord bind off on the bottom and sleeves.  I felted the pocket with roving she dyed also.  This was a fun knit, now don't get me wrong I am glad it is done, but what beautiful colors and each stitch was a journey.  Two skeins of Kim's yarn!!!   So now back to weaving which I did some this afternoon, not much but a little, I was kind of busy was Admiration day....sit back and admire what I did all week!!!

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