Monday, August 09, 2010

Sweetness of doing Nothing

Julia Roberts was on GMA this morning talking about Eat Pray Love.  She made a statement about the "sweetness of doing nothing"  isn't that just the greatest phrase?  I love that and I do have the ability to enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing.  One of my nothing moments occurs when I would go squirrel hunting.  It is a fun thing to do and those furry creatures are pretty predictable even though if you don't know their habits you would not think so.  It goes like this, you walk into the woods and they scamper and watch you or you don't see them at all.  If you are a team you split up and go two different directions, this has to be planned before you get out of sight of one another.  Then you sit and wait, quiet and you must not fidget, or twitch or move.  You must sit very still for at least 20 sitting still for that long takes great discipline, but while I am sitting, I listen very hard....I hear the woods, I go zen.  It is my "sweetness of doing nothing"  It is my church, my closeness to my God, me sitting quiet and becoming one with the foilage of the woods.  No one preaching, talking or even stirring around me, my time to listen to my self.  My distractions are a leaf falling or wind blowing and I can feel it on my bare skin, tickling my face and the smells are earthy, fresh dirt or of Fall.  After about 20 minutes you will hear the woods start to move again. You will see the movement come to life.  And the squirrels will either feel you have left, or have gotten comfortable with you being there.  Then you motion for your team mate to start moving, the squirrels will move to the opposite side of the tree that they see movement on and you draw them into your sight and this is your shot....hopefully you will see them with a mouth full of winter stock, it makes a really cute photo.  Try the Sweetness of doing nothing, it is amazing how much you learn about yourself.  Start with 10 minutes and work up to 20, see if you don't look forward to this buzz.

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