Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ohhh do I itch...

I am allergic to perfumes and lotions and soaps with perfumes, mineral oil, latex and I know this.  Why oh why do I feel I can go to a little shop and smear the free sample all over my arms???  Ok I think I brewed the perfect storm, I have been using mosquito repellent, who hasn't, I use home made soap.  , but I have  a zillion squeeto bites on my arms, so they are itching.  I went to a little ditty shop and they gave me the cutest little container of lotion.  On a normal day, it probably would not have bothered me too bad but with all the other irritation....I have topical dermatitis.   I have tried Bendadryl lotion, calamine lotion, nothing and then my tattoo goo, which is all natural and soothing...nothing is stopping this itching.  A call to the Dr and trip to Walgreens and I have some relief, if nothing touches it and starts it itching againg.  I could take a  benedryl pill and be in a coma for about 12 hours, no kidding if not longer?
I am on the second sleeve of the sweater so I am almost home to the collar....sweet victory and then I am felting two pockets that will match.  I want to go and knit at a coffee shop today??

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