Thursday, August 19, 2010

Asian Pedicures

I normally go to a Vietnamese couple that do pedicures and manicures, but due to a time constraint, I needed to go somewhere else.  So I went to this place I went once before in my old neighborhood, I am sure this is one of those indentured slave type places and no one speaks English only "pay now" and "what you need"  "we do"  and "you like?"  I asked if they could do a pedicure in 30 minutes and maybe that was my mistake?  One girl runs the tub with water and throws the blue crystals on my feet?  Not sure they weren't going to burn a hole in my skin.  Then comes the older woman, kind of like the boss or someone with some authority.  She smacks the leg I am to take out of the water and put in front of her, she clips my nails, she is holding her head really close to the feet and I get grossed out thinking of the woman next to me's toe nails flying in my direction, this Asian is going to get toe nails in her face....ewwww.   So she does the cutting and the trimming and gives me a reassuring grinny smile and I smile back???  She smacks my other leg and has this brush in her hand like a vegetable brush but pretty pink and she goes to town scrubbing my legs like she is cleaning a dirty potato?  I fear I will have no skin left when all of a sudden, she pushes my leg up in the air and my butt check is dislodged from the comfortable spot on the vinyl chair.  Still smiling I am sure she is thinking "I am going to give this one a work out"  meanwhile she is still scrubbing and soaping and scrubbing and then she goes to the bottom of my feet which are normally not too ticklish but add the vegetable brush and hard scrubbing and I am jumping around like I have a burr in my pants.  She smacks the other leg and here we go again twisting my leg like I'm Gumby and she is smiling to the point I am now going to smack that smile off of her face.  She stops and now she is lotioning my legs, it feels good after the burn I got from the brush, she is gentle and then goes to the toes.  Now my little toe is permanently bonded with the toe next to it, they don't move away from each other and a long time ago someone said never split your toes apart or you will get athletes I never did, I never did but she did and I could feel the skin split and burn between those toes.  Now I am thinking great I am going to get some fungal infection in my foot.  I am waiting for her to do the next leg but she must be getting tired and we are in the polishing phase...whew, she does one coat and then a top coat and slaps my legs and I'm done.  I am also very tired and my legs are sore, burning and if you want to get Asian exfoliation and a work out to boot, I can give you their number.

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