Sunday, August 29, 2010

Renaissance Faire

So I picked the hottest day of the year to go to the Ren faire.  I was at the gates 10 am and when everyone goes to the right I went left, I was ahead of the herd.  You are not allowed to bring in anything to eat or drink which is fine, but I am a water baby and there is no water there.  First stop a henna tattoo, I love the paisley type tattoos and I get it on my hand.  Right out of the gate, first thing, 20 steps is really pretty, then they pat some lemon sugar stuff on it and we have 98 degree sticky sweet stuff on my hand.  Can you say bee invitation?  So I start trekking down the hill and it is in the sun and hot and I am thirsty....sarsaparilla that is a thirst quencher right?  I also have my camera, I am traveling light but two thick straps around my neck, my left hand full of goo and I am ordering the root beer, oh I have to pay for this is in my left pocket where it always is, just a I just removed a small part of my henna...enter the bee, as I go to swoosh it from attacking my sugary hand I smoosh the rest of it....and I am hot, did I say it is hot out.  I guzzle down the drink, pitifully look at my hand and figure it was not a good idea to do this, it was kind of like me and glue, I can never wait till it is dry.  So I sit down by the pond and there is this chunk of wood sticking out, here comes this cute little nymph, she starts to climb out on this dead limb I am sure she is going to be swimming any minute and me being the non swimmer is the closest to her will have to put my new henna hand in the water to rescue her  one foot after the next, she must have done this before, she sits on the end of the stump and starts doing her nymph thing....I think I have 20 photos of just her, she is so cute it is almost hard to think she is not truly a fairy perched on that limb.  But I am hot so that lasted a few minutes and then off I went in search of more watery drink....On the good side my foot didn't hurt???  I find another spot to catch a breeze more like hot dragon breath and some really old lady dressed in costume comes by me and says, "it is really hot isn't it sweetie?"  I agree and I think she wanted to ask if I was going to make it, I am sure my face was tomato red and sweat was running off of my head like a sprinkler.  I shook it off like a horse and headed for the gate....I did the Ren faire in two hours, I did not eat a thing, it was too hot to even breath...the next challenge getting to the car....then wipe of what is left of my pretty henna.

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