Monday, August 02, 2010

What we need?

Today on GMA, there was a segment on Chelsea Clinton's Wedding. I am happy for her and I used to pity her when they dressed her in Pollyanna dresses with her extremely corkscrew curly hair and she was kind of homely. Not her fault this is how she was presented, they pulled her hair back and she looked like a dork. She should not have had huge bows all over. I have this vivid photo seared in my mind because that is when my heart went out to her, remembering my mother dressing us in clown suits that she made. We too looked like dorks, she claims they were Vogue, not sure where she bought Vogue maybe at Barnum and Baily. So this woman is saying, This wedding is what America needed, we are in a depressed state and this wedding was what we needed? Really, why do depressed people that are not working, have no money, no jobs, no hope, need to see a million some dollar wedding? I had no desire or need to watch anything about the wedding, I can't relate. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for her, it is great, I think she handles herself better than either parent has. I don't need to know that it costs more money than I will ever make in a lifetime, or even dream about. I do not see how rubbing it in our faces (not Chelsea, but the media) makes me feel better that business's are closing, jobs are lost and people are running out of unemployment??? I don't feel better knowing they spent blank amount of dollars on a cake? That price tag could feed me for a lifetime, who cares? This is not what America needs, don't even think this was the Royal Wedding of the Century...I am sure Chelsea would rather have remained virtually under the wire of publicity. If someone has a lot of money, good for them, it is something that has never bothered me they I am sure have their own issues to deal with. I am content, but on the other hand don't rub my nose in the fact that You do have money, I don't me, if I have "enough" I am fine. Other Countries think that America is what they see on TV....all the glitz and friviolty of Bridezilla, The Bachlor, jetting off to various Countries...don't know about you but that isn't my America..Won't those legal immigrants be surprised when limos don't roll up to pick them up....
I am working on Color on Color scarf by Kathryn Alexander, in the book scarfSTYLE. It is a fun knit with lots of changes of color and an uncounted amount of ends to sew in!!! But it is holding my interest and I am on phase 13 out of 19, so I am moving right along, I think the finishing may be more intense but I am actually working on this quite steadily, that is until Kim from Happy Hands brings me the hand dyed yarn I want to knit Ice from it will be a chunky yarn so it should knit pretty fast. I hope

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