Friday, August 06, 2010

My first weaving project

My first weaving project was probably making pot holders, but that too came with those darn rules. Don't waste the weaving cotton thingys and don't do this and don't do that project ended pretty quick...too many rules. But my first weaving and public Art statement was on a bridge. After what must have been a boring summer day, and finding golf balls to sell from the golf course up the street, one had a big smile in it. So with some prodding and carving found that if you remove the outside covering of a golf ball, it was an endless rubber band? Best part was the hollow rubber center, that was a precursor to the super ball. So this was an awful lot of rubber band and being bored, I decided with the assistance of a Franklin my boyfriend/partner in crime, to thread the rubber bands between the two side rails of the creek bridge. We picked the bridge with the least traffic so not to break the rubber bands while working diligently on this public art project. Now really what possess someone to do this? Where did this brainstorm come from? I puzzle myself and just a warning when I get bored stuff happens. So with Franklin on one side of the bridge the golf ball was tossed carefully back and forth from the top rail to the bottom rail and all over, till we had a huge web of rubber strung across the bridge. I think one of the ideas was a huge car sling shot/trampoline and who knows what other crazy idea I had. So after about 3 hours of this (20 minutes) We got bored and we left. We had the inside treasure to go and bounce around the playground, so off we went. With such a short attentions span, we took another bridge home and then wondered if any cars broke through our web of steel...did it ricochet off and with all of those stands of rubber get caught up in it? Is that car on the Moon right now?? In those days all of the focus was on going to the Moon.....Mind you we are speaking of a car here? The summers were so long and so much time to think of new and creative ideas.

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