Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Come on and take a Free ride...

These two couldn't be happier, and who took my mom and please keep her, I really like this new one?  The difference an apartment makes???  I actually went over there again yesterday to just check in on her and to see if she was her old self and we went for a ride, or Iggy and her went for a ride.  Iggy really likes this riding thing, also she did a walk with her walker up and down her hallway to get some exercise and he was following her to make sure she did her walking...what  a goof. She was dusting and cleaning a little, good for her.    On the other hand I am getting nothing done around here but next week it will change.  The weather here is beautiful so who wants to work in the basement or inside in general.  I have to go get a shot of cortisone in my heel today, this is a usual procedure and I try to hold off for as long as I can.  I have planter faciatus and it feels like I have a nail pounded into my heel, this time it is a little different and is on the back of my heel...I have an awesome foot Dr and he will fix me up.  Today is a a good day!!!  Knitting tonight at Panera!!!

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