Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Chicken Salad

If you think that my translation of words is funny, my brother is a real trip. We were at a fish fry and he said I hope they have marble eye bread? huh....Cheryl and I were both cracking up we tried to explain it is, Marble rye.....but an even funnier one, on Channel 12 we have two woman news reporters and ones name is Sally and the other in this situation is Porsche. Sally does the weather and was saying how the Greek Festival is on and the weather should hold out, and it has the greatest food at this fair. Porsche remarks, "I can't wait to get some of that chicken salad" so my brother goes off on rant, "can't wait to get some of that chicken salad?" can't wait to get some of that chicken salad" and Cheryl is looking at him, with a blank look as he carries on saying "who has chicken salad at a fair?
Cheryl has to cut in and tell him, she said "Can't wait to get some of that chicken, Sally!" So now whenever I hear these too talking I can't help but here Scott saying Chicken Salad. I can't stop laughing about it.
Maybe we were both born with a genetic hearing gene. But it is funny how when you grow up hearing something wrong you perpetuate it, without even knowing. My mom always said Kinny garden, so does my brother, somewhere along the line I lost that one and have always said Kindergarden. But mine was Great fruit, oh we were having great fruit and once I ate it didn't think it was the great, (grapefruit). Reading and translating things were my downfall, my mom was making supper and on the counter were black eyed peas, but I read the label..."Birdseye" Holy Crap mom is feeding us birds eyes...and they looked like it. The best one is Philadelphia, till about 5 years ago I think I pronounced it as Philadelthia, I never read it, I just said it, Cheryl heard me say it once and that was when I got busted, I never read the word, and how much cream cheese have I bought? Cheryl is trying to idiot proof us Massies....lots of luck

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