Sunday, August 08, 2010

Are you itching yet?

I have not heard of anyone suffering from West Nile Virus yet and with all of the mosquitos, I am truly surprised. The door to the studio is laden with squeetos, sniffing a warm body behind it and when someone opens the door they ride in on that human sacrifice. I have never seen them so bad, never, poor Iggy must have bites on his legs because he is chewing on them. Of course he is the one that stirs them up with his sniffing in the grass and meandoring around in the weeds. Personally I can't wait for Fall/Winter. I know I kind of made a comment about I wish we could stop wearing heavy coats, but how I yearn to curl up with a blanket and hot coffee, and no bugs. I look out at my deck and think, someday I may get to go out there for something other than to feed the mosquitos and water the flowers. Then there are the phantom bites...that is when you quick look at your arm thinking you are getting bit and there is nothing, or you just slap because you may be getting bit, nothing. This must be a funny phenomenon to someone, certainly not me. I want to see the leaves turn orange....cooler weather. I am even tired of my Margerita machine, yeah I know but I have drank every frozen concoction you can think of....I want hot chocolate, coffee... chai tea...I want Winter....
disclaimer: I do not want bitter cold

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Annie said...

My ankles have little red welts and scabs all over! I a m miserable. I need to do yard work really bad and nothing I slather on repels so I cannot be outdoors at ALL right now aside from running to the car. I did order some avon crap (they had a gel formula I thought would ship better and no waiting for a campaign to end to order) to try. but it's horrible. frickin flood skeeters!

They ignore Jeff. It is so. not. fair.