Saturday, August 21, 2010

I feel the need take some photos.  It has been so hot and humid, I can't even think about walking around and taking pictures of anything.  Do you have anything in your life that you just miss doing???  I have lots, if I am not knitting on something, I miss knitting, if I am not doing something at the time that seems to be what I am missing.  Like a spoiled little kid that wants the one thing they are not to have at that moment.  I have set up my knitting machine with the hopes that we get along better this time around or it is out the door....we are doing well, now why is it the last time I had such bad luck with it maturity, patience???  Maybe not under the pressure of learning so intently????  Whatever it is,  it is going fine, I am up to the armpits of a swing coat, which by the way took every needle on the machine.  Then I never do anything easy like using a pattern written for a knitting machine, oh no I am using a knitting pattern that I realized is just a lot of stockinette knitting, so decided to try the machine.  If I can get all the pieces to match I will be happy, I am taking notes and hopefully won't leave it sit for a few years and forget what I did.
I still want to take some photos and I want to paint that mom is moved, maybe this week I will fulfil some needs!!!

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