Saturday, August 14, 2010

Empty Hands

After all the hype of finishing a project is the lull of deciding what you will move on to next.  I just finished knitting the Iced sweater in the previous post and I knit on it almost every waking moment, because I loved it.  This morning I got my coffee and sat down and..hmmm nothing next to me to pick up and knit, nothing on the floor to do...what will I do next?   Ok now I have several projects in the works but I don't want to knit right now I need to give my hands a rest, from knitting.  But...knitting is such an easy thing to pick up and do??  Mundane, relaxing and just so portable.  I do have some ply split braiding to work on but I need to get all the pieces together to start, the collecting and assembling all of the items is the part that is so distracting.  I am weaving but certainly can't bring the loom to the couch...not the one that I am working on.
A hot new knit is the Eternity Cowl on Ravelry, it is really pretty, but, with my swan like neck I can't wear anything that close to my neck, I would die of suffocation.  Another one of those, sure wish I had a long neck, it would take up some of the fat from my face.
Speaking of suffocating, in this humidity we are all talking about how hard it is to even get dressed or undressed after working in this heat.  One time I decided I wanted to wear a bra with no hooks, a sports bra type thing, no support just being there.  My idea was comfort as always, so I picked one out and then realized when I got home this has to go on over my head?  I have no idea how else it would get on, the bra fairy doesn't zap it onto your boobs.  So I took a nice hot bath and being a little wet, started to embark on putting on this bra.  Over my head arms up and this once 8" piece of fabric rolled into a tournaquet, it was lodged just above my boobs, under my arms, the more I pulled the tighter it was getting.  It has turned into a boa constrictor, tightning and my panic is rising.  Now if you are a reader you know I can't tolerate anything tight, it makes me turn into the hulk and rip and panic.  The harder I tried to unroll this rope, the worse it got and I was sure it was going to strangle me, so I got out the scissors and cut it off.  A rush of relief came to me blood once again went to my brain as I stood with a now vest like looking rope that stayed on only by my armpits, with no hope of ever meeting in the middle again.  Into the trash it went with no plans on ever getting one of them again!

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