Friday, August 27, 2010

Bad eyes

I am the first to admit that my eyes are getting worse.  I can see like an eagle if it is far, but up close it is getting harder and harder to see things clear.  True confessions, for years I was one of those that shaved their legs faithfully, no stubble no picky hair folicles, I was a clean shaven babe.  My theory on that was I was afraid if I got hurt at work and they had to lift my pant legs or see my underarm in some freak accident that I had to lift my arm, I was going to have baby smooth skin.  I didn't get to shave my legs till I looked like Magilla gorilla, and then I would wear nylons and that black wirey hair would wrap around like a huge comb over.  I used my dad's straight razor to shave my legs the first time...needless to say I did not do a good job and almost plugged the bathtub.  I remember the first time I got to wear nylons, it was the Christmas party at my dad's shop.  I had a really pretty dress and patent leather shoes and begged to wear nylons not ankle socks.  My mom brought in the flat package that held the neatly packaged pair of nylons, they looked like an ironed pair of legs, silky and fleshy colored.  Now how do these stay up???  You will not believe what contraption she had in mind, where the hell she got this thing is beyond me, no one has ever heard of or had one like this.  It looked like a harness, it went over your shoulders and had garter like straps that you had to untwist and tangle and really mom where on earth or not  did you find this thing.  I guess my enthusiasm for wearing nylons was more important than the harness to hold them up.  I can describe is as a cross between suspenders and lederhosen??
So now after all of those years of shaving and being smooth, I opt for "who cares"  it's not like I might have that magical " get lucky" moment and I sleep alone and I can't see?   One time I went to a hotel for some retreat and had on my suit and was in the hot tub, it must have been winter and my legs were clean but as I raised my arm to relax in the hot tub, this bush of black hair made me whip my arms back to my sides...opps must have forgot about those babies.   So I was going to do a clean up job and in the bathroom mirror, I held up my arm and did a hmmmm, my underarms look like I just shaved them??? When did I last shave them?  I don't know, maybe it all fell out???  Mind you this is without glasses and about 3 feet away from the mirror.  On closer examination, the hair did not fall out and it has not been shaven, it just went white....yeah, another aging moment white hair in my armpits?  

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