Thursday, August 19, 2010

To do list

I am not normally too structured, but I do have to have a to do list, partly because, I will forget what I wanted to do?  I learned the list method a long time ago to help with my attention span problem.  So in the morning or before bed, I write down if I have some specific things I want to do in the day ahead.  It also helps me sleep better, other wise I keep thinking about it so I don't forget?  Then I pick the poopiest job on the list to do first so that the bad job is done and I always reward myself with something fun!!!  Pretty easy concept actually.  On another note, musty wash....I started to do my wash on Sunday morning, then went to my mom's to start packing.  When I hobbled into the house the last thing I was thinking about was the wash.....Monday moving day and Tuesday Oh oh, guess what I remembered???  Yeeaahhh, schtinky with some added vinegar I had to rewash....When my son lived at home he did the wash and apparently if you leave the wash in the washer long enough it will dry and he folded my work shirts after they dried in the washer.  So at work, I began to sweat which in turned ignited the stink that was on the shirt, I kept getting a whiff of funk and it was me!!!!  My shirt stunk so bad and with no alternative but to chew his butt out and threaten him with wearing the clothes he left in the washer, that never happened again.  I can still smell that shirt....ugh

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