Thursday, December 03, 2009

More days this week

I need more days in this week!!!! I need a few more days to get everything done before this weekend!!! I need to clean, cook and make some sort of Holiday cheer drink. I need to decorate the shop, which is priority today!!! So if you come by and see me tangled up in lights, garland and yarn, please go press the coffee button and make me a hot cup of Joe!!!! Tempt me with the coffee to come down from the ladder and breath, not swear. This weekend is our Holiday Stroll, Open knitting and a Holiday Party after hours!!! I shipped some new yarn out to MN, a package to Brown Sheep. The new buttons came in and are beautiful, they are hung on the wall with care, My wireless internet is of course screwing up again, seems like it was four months ago, it did the same darn thing. My hair is colored brightly with glee....I need to vacuum the shop and get ready for Saturday and tonight is Spinning if I look a little frazzled and dazed, once again, get me some chocolate puleeze.

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