Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My mom is not sentimental and tradition is pretty much not in our family. My father probably did more for tradition than either parent but there is this one dish. My mom got this plate as a present from a neighbor that did ceramics. I loved this plate and knew it was a special occassion when the plate came out. I would run my fingers along the berries, it had ridges on the edge, unlike the usual round plates, and when we washed the dish, it was with special care that I wiped it dry. Some how it got a chip in it, not under my watch, but when I got it, so I used a green marker and covered the white clay from peaking out and ruining the sea of green. Some time ago my mom gave me the plate, it is still my favorite memory of handmade cookies and ribbon candy, a special Christmas memory. I bring the plate out every year and it brings back warm memories with it. It is nothing fancy, and I don't really like dishes, but this one dish has magic in it. I wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas.

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