Sunday, December 06, 2009

Ahh the parties over

Well yesterday was the Holiday Stroll for the village and we had lots of customers and open knitting. One of the best days for seeing old friends, lots of knitters for open knit and then an after party at my house. We had tons of food and it was a good time. The house is clean and I am vegging today, all day!!! We watched some movies and kicked back. I ate left over appetizers and drank some Cranberry juice cocktail. Iggy has been passed out all day!!! He had a rough party!!!
It was the first Holiday party I think I have had for a very long time, as shop owners we need a chance to unwind after all of the stress of planning. So now I am unwinding, I have two parties left to go to and then I am done. Why is it going to parties is so stressful???? I don't have to bring anything or dress up, well not too dressed up that is. One is for the retirees from Miller and it is really good to see the old gang and the second is the Steamfitters that I worked with at Miller. I am excited about both of them and this year they fall on two different days. Last year is the day I came home to an Iggy poopsicle, he pooped in his cage and had it all over....that was a pleasant surprise, he must have been 10 weeks old. Well all my decorating is done, I only have to bake for the Veterans Christmas party this coming Saturday. By the way I am collecting food for the party and it must be here Friday morning. Baked goodies is what they are looking for.
The family that we were getting all of the help for called Deb from Bella Vita Day spa and told her they don't need any more donations, they have plenty of things now. When was the last time you ever heard anybody say they have "enough" . This makes me even happier that we picked this family. His job called him back and they have got help from the kid's school. They are getting back on their feet. This is when you are rewarded for giving, when they successfully get their life back in shape and are strong enough to admit it, and not make it a lifestyle. This make me feel really good. Thanks to everyone that has helped. We all dug a little deeper into our pockets and look at the results!!! A Very Merry Christmas for one family and many Veterans.

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