Saturday, December 26, 2009

I think my hearing is bad???

On one note, I am feeling a little better, in the evening??? Most of the time people feel worse at night but not me, I feel better??? So I had to leave the house, for a few minutes anyway and took to the snow covered roads for take out somewhere. While I'm driving the radio is advertising some kind of Lighthouse keeping? hhhhmmm that is a weird ad?? Yeah that is what I heard, it was light housekeeping for an elderly housing ad. It made me laugh and think of my brother, he was watching the news and Sally Severson and another woman were discussing the Labor day activities and the BBQs going on all over town and the woman looks at Sally and says, "I can't wait to get some of that chicken salad", so my brother starts questioning "Chicken Salad, who said anything about chicken salad and chicken salad this and that and my SIL looked at him and said "Scott, she said "I can't wait to get some of the chicken Sally!!""" I wonder if it runs in the family????

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