Thursday, December 31, 2009


I can never bring up a topic about my mom, that people my age don't go OMG, I know exactly what you are saying. I am sure our children will be doing and saying the same things. At Christmas this year and every occasion that the family is together, "she needs an audience" she looks at me and says about my nose stud...."Is that a zit??" and I always reply I wish my zits sparkled??? She never fails to mention it, but only with an audience. Old Ladies love curly hair, I don't know what my mother's fascination with curly hair is but she would love nothing more than for me to have a fuzzy perm, like the days of old. My hair has always been stick straight unless of course you go back to the days my mother would wrap them in rags and it took two days for it to dry and then these ringlet locks would trail down my back and other old ladies would ogle my perfectly curled ringlets. Of course I looked like Shirley Temple and who didn't want to look like her. So now in these days of menopause, one strip of my hair got curly, in the back underneath??? This was one of the reason I chopped off my long hair...what do you do with a strip of curly hair, that looked like someone shoved crinkle fries around my collar? So off it came. I also use a CPap machine, this helps me breath at night because like a zillion other people I have sleep apnea and stop breathing more times in a second than seems possible but it does help. Believe me the first time I sat on the edge of the bed, looking at my reflection in the window, strapping on my headgear, it became very evident my days of wild sexual sleepovers was pretty much a thing of the past, not that I was actively thinking of it, but it assured me those days were over. So where I am going with this is my mask, has a band that goes around the back of my head, causing a little kink in my hair sometimes. I'll be darned if my mom doesn't see that every time and say..."Oh look what pretty curl you are getting in your hair????" So now we have two things to discuss, no it is not a zit and the curl is from my head gear mom.....I won't even mention that she makes the comment "Is that thing there (my tattoo) fading???? No mom my skin is dry as I lick it and the color pops....Happy New Year!!!!!

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Knitty Knitty Bang Bang said...

My mom would always wait until there was an audience to ask about my tattoos and nose piercing too. As soon as we were around her friends she would start trying to pull my clothes off to show my tattoos and pretend she was totally appalled. -Rachel