Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Note to self

It is Ok to pee before you loose the desire to exercise. Hey I am on a roll, I have been doing WII exercise for a week now, every other day that is. Yes I still cheat on forward lunges. On projects: I am knitting on the scarf for Chili, for the Passport in January, I am looking at a mitten I want to knit, in fair isle. I have a pattern in the works, and I am filling sock orders that I have to get done.
Last night I went to a Steamfitter Christmas party and can hardly talk today. I can't remember laughing so hard about nothing?? I can't even remember what we were laughing at so hard and it went so fast that you had to keep up or miss some comment. I'm sure it was something shady, I know it was good to see the guys I used to work with. Another party today, this is for the Miller Retirees, I am getting into the swing of this party thing. Then I have a car full going to another party Monday in Juneau, it is the annual Christmas party of fiber friends, that is if it doesn't snow it always seems to snow on this party date. We sing Christmas Carols really loud and look for the best light displays.....I can hardly wait!!!

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Janyce said...

I am working on the voice!!! I don't want you to throw that brownie out the window for me to jump after.