Monday, December 21, 2009

How to tell if a store is closed

Dear friends,
When you approach a store and there are no cars around it may be a clue. When you approach the door and the lights are off, the sign says Closed Mondays, it's dark inside and the door is locked, ringing the door bell will not make it all magically open up for your browsing convenience. Ringing the doorbell twice will only PO the person that lives there and wonder what could be so important that you have to ring twice. What knitting emergency could you have that requires an immediate response. I am feeling sick since Saturday evening. Problem is, it is probably just a cold but I get sick so rarely that I get sick like a man...way more drama than is needed. I call people and tell them I may not make it.....I feel so horribly ill and it's only a stinking cold. I ache, it must be the flu, but it is really a cough and I am coughing so hard it is the pee cough and choke and gag. My body hurts but I am sure it is from the coughing. See I told you more drama than really needed. My lungs are the weak spot for me and sitting in a bar Tuesday with second hand smoke probably started the domino my punishment is coughing up a lung one piece at a time. I am going to a party tonight, not with the intent of infecting everyone, I think what I have is self induced. I was going to make cute little penguins to take, but it would require, putzing and cutting and the way I feel right now those cute little penguins would end up looking like derranged men in tuxes....I don't care to cook when I feel good, I am not going to cook now.....wah wah wah......I'm going back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Next time lick the door bell for those naughty girls & boys who didn't listen:)


Janyce said...

The party is over and hopefully you are still feeling OK. Sure missed the carols!!!