Thursday, December 17, 2009

Using a blinker

Driving 101, means that when you are turning you have a thing on the side of the steering wheel, that you push one way or the other to make another little thingy blick which also makes a light on the back and front of the vehicle blink, letting other drivers know you are turning. It should also let other drivers know you would like to turn, possibly into their them warning that you "would like to turn" into that lane. This is not a signal to speed up and not allow you to do such an action, it would I think mean slow up so that I don't cut in front of you for your damn rudeness of keeping just enough space that I can't turn into said lane. You may think you will be late if you don't let me in but in fact I am right behind you at the stoplight. Glaring at you in your rear view mirror, yes that is me back there and all of the fidgeting in the World won't make me go away till the light turns and you take off to get rid of me. Again we have lost all etiquette, hurry up and screw the rest of you. Now in fact I know I have missed some peoples blinker myself, sometimes because, they turn it on and as they are turning it on they turn without notice???? I had two Christmas parties in two days.....I had a great time at both of them, it was so nice to see alot of the old workers I worked with and spent a good portion of my life with. Funny how once someone retires they stay looking the same vs. the people still working who seem to age at a very fast rate. That my friends is a plug for retirement!!!

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